Free Heat Makes Cents

Owning a solar pool heating system means drastically reducing or even eliminating expensive pool heating utility bills! Year after year, the savings continue while you extend your swimming season.

No Utility Bills
You pay nothing to run your solar pool heating system because your heat comes free from the sun! Other heating options such as gas or electricity can cost thousands of dollars to run every year. In fact, many pool owners who buy a gas or electric heater stop using the heater all together after discovering the high cost of system operation.

Guaranteed to Last Longer
No heater in the world lasts as long as the solar pool heating systems. Unlike gas, electric or heat pump systems, which offer complicated limited warranties for less than 5 years, Our system comes with the industry's only 12-year FULL warranty protecting ALL manufacturer parts (10 years outside the United States). A solar pool heating system is simply the smartest investment a pool owner can make.

Low Installation Costs
Solar pool heating systems are installed by certified professionals and can be installed in approximately 1 day. All that is required to install our system is simple plumbing from the solar panels to the existing pool pump. Other heaters, such as gas, heat pumps and electric units, require the expensive installation of gas and electricity lines.








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